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Table of Contents
fml8 Status
The Road To The Next Generation Of Fml
Relation Between fml4 And fml8 Development Branch.
Mailing List
Please Let Me Know Your Opinion ...
On This Tutorial
Technical terms in this tutorial

fml8 Status


fml8 has already implemented fundamental functions. Several people uses fml8 as hobby and office mailing list system under normal operations.

When you configure fml8, you need to edit configuration files since configuration helper tool has basic functions now. Except it, you can use fml8 as same as fml4.

See http://www.fml.org/software/fml-devel/fml/doc/ja/todo/STATUS.html for the current status of fml8.

See the Chapter called Difference Between fml4 And fml8 on the difference between fml4 and fml8.

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