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Manipulate Message (Mail Message)

Table of Contents
Mail::Message Class
Mail::Message::Parse Class
Mail::Message::Compose Class
Message Internationalization: The Usage Of reply_message_nl()
Discussion: How To Send Back Language Dependent Error Mesages

See Mail::Message class for the mail message object handling. Mail::Message class provides fundamental methods. Several message handling modules e.g. Mail::Bounce, Mail::Delivery depend on this class.

Mail::Message Class

A mail consists of one header and one body. A multipart mail body consists of several parts.

The mail delivery module needs not to know the detail of a message. But the filter system needs to know the structure of the message.

These modules depend Mail::Message class to know the message structure. For example, Mail::Bounce, Mail::Delivery et.al. use this class.

The usage is as follows:

    my $fh  = new FileHandle $file;
    my $msg = Mail::Message->parse( { fd => $fh } );

    use FML::Mailer;
    my $obj = new FML::Mailer;
    $obj->send( {
	sender    => $sender,
	recipient => $rcpt,
	message   => $msg,

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