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"makefml mergeml" command processes the following steps automatically.

To clarify details more, explain conversion of aliases and include files below.

Our purpose is to run fml8 anyway. If fml8 runs, converter of config.ph runs too. So, we need MTA runs fml4 and fml4 runs fml8.

Explain more details. Consider ML driver internal section.

For example, when you use Postfix, Postfix reads aliases and recognizes it needs to read include file. By reading include file, Postfix knows how to call fml8 process. Finally, postfix runs /usr/local/libexec/fml/distribute command.

Executed distribute command reads config.cf and knows the location of member lists and processes et.al.

That is, when fml8 process starts, the following two phases

aliases (MTA configuration)

It is mandatory that no duplication in aliases files. For example, if /etc/postfix/main.cf contains the following configuration:

alias_maps	=	hash:/etc/mail/aliases
			hash:/var/spool/ml/etc/aliases (fml4)
			hash:/var/spool/ml/etc/mail/aliases (fml8)
aliases of fml4 and fml8 should not have duplication.

In othe words, in the case of fml4 process,

MTA -> fml4's aliases -> fml4's include -> fml4 (fml.pl) runs
in the case of fml8 process,
MTA -> fml8's aliases -> fml8's include -> fml8 runs
So we need the following condition:
remove the ml from fml4's aliases file.
add the ml to fml8's aliases file.

If no duplication in aliases, both fml4 and fml8 runs on the same host.

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