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Convert fml4 Style ML To fml8 Style ML

Table of Contents
Overview: fml4 To fml8 (1)
Overview: Convert fml4 To fml8 (2)
Overview: Difference Between fml4 and fml8

2004/03: We have implemented a converter which converts ML HOME DIRECTORY ($DIR) such as /var/spool/ml/elena ($ml_home_dir in fml8) from fml4 style to fml8 style. It is incomplete but is being developed.

2004/11: You can replace fml.pl of fml4 with fml.pl of fml8. now. It means that fml8 directly emulates fml4. It enables easy upgrade from fml4 to fml8.

Overview: fml4 To fml8 (1)

It is a little wrong that fml8 works if fml8 overwrites fml4 programs. Currently fml8 can work but it needs automatic conversion in the background. Hence, fml8 modifies fml4 to emulate fml4.

Firstly there is a problem. You want to upgrade all ML's at the same time from fml4 to fml8? It is better to upgrade from one to one ? When something fails, you want to downgrade your system if could.

We want to support both types. So it is available that some ML's are fml8, other ML's are fml4 in one domain simultaneously. Downgrading if needed are supported.

One example of upgrade operation follows:

1. install fml8

2. (in the case of Postfix) add fml8 aliases to postfix's alias_maps.

	alias_maps	=	hash:/etc/mail/aliases
				hash:/var/spool/ml/etc/aliases (fml4)
				hash:/var/spool/ml/etc/mail/aliases (fml8)

3. convert fml4 ML to fml8 one.

   fml $ml mergeml fml4's$DIR 
for example,
   fml elena mergeml /var/spool/ml/elena
Apply 3. for ML's which would be converted to fml8.

You can use "makefml mergeml" command to convert aliases, include files, fml4 configuration files and member lists from fml4 to fml8.

It is not easy to convert difficult fml4's config.ph file. Now we can convert simple config.ph to fml8 config.cf style file automatically. We suppose this simple config.ph is generated by fml4's "makefml config" command.

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