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Overview: Difference Between fml4 and fml8

There are several fml8 variables and functions not related with fml4 since fml8 is re-designed and re-coded from scratch.

Also not one to one even if the relation found.

Let's see a few examples below.

Anyone Can Post

Users registered as members can post ML by default. This default behaviour is common between fml4 and fml8. To set "anyone can post", in the case of fml4,

$PERMIT_POST_FROM = "anyone";
in the case of fml8,
article_post_restrictions = reject_system_special_accounts

Subject Tag

No subject tag defined by default. This is common between fml4 and fml8 To set the tag such as '[ML_NAME:00100]', in the case of fml4,

This corresponds to the following fml8 configuration:
article_header_rewrite_rules = rewrite_article_subject_tag

article_subject_tag           = [$ml_name:%05d]
fml8 configuration concepts are more orthogonal.

Disable Specific Command In Command Mail

Commands such as "members" are prohibited in fml8 by default. fml4 needs the following configurations to disable dangerous commands:


Old fml4 use no filter by default but fml8 uses filter by default.

fml8 applies confirmation for subscribe, chaddr, unsubscribe commands by default. fml4 not. Currently fml8 always applies confirmation, which can not be disabled by configuration.

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