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Configure CGI

Table of Contents
"makefml newml" Creates CGI Script Always
Edit .htaccess
Example: Master Cgi
CGI Example: Create ML
CGI Example: subscribe
CGI Skin Selection


See the section the Section called Method in the Chapter called Internal Of CGI Process for CGI Internal details.

We assumes you use suexec under apache.

Now fml8 provides both the master cgi to control all ML's in one domain and a cgi for each ML. You can add and remove a user, or view member list et.al. by this interface. Editing of configuration on this cgi is incomplete.

If you use postfix and qmail, you do not need to modify MTA configuration for cgi specific reason.

"makefml newml" Creates CGI Script Always

"makefml newml" sets up CGI scripts such as config.cgi under ~fml/public_html/... directory. There are two types of cgi scripts. One is for the whole domain, one for each ML.

In creating elena@fml.org ML, makefml creates the following cgi


for all ML's of fml.org.

To control only elena ML, please use



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