4 Overview on how to treat fml

It is better for the ML maintainer to log in the fml running host to
customize ML configurations and change ML member lists on the fml
running host. "makefml" command helps you to do them.

The term "remote administration" implies "to control fml by sending
administrative commands to fml". It is not default. You need to set it
explicitly. => 7.5

The ML maintainer can send the commands to fml if he/she knows the
password. The authentication is based by password or PGP, you can
select. => 8.0

You can use makefml to set up the fundamental configuration 
=> 7.0

To regist and remove a member, you can edit member list files directly
or use "makefml" command. => 6.0

You may not find advanced configurations in "makefml config" menu.  If
so, you should edit cf or config.ph file directly => 9.0

Please see "help" file for commands usual users who can use.
Please see "help-admin" file for ML maintainers commands.



To find information, 
1.	search keyword or variable name in the doc/English/
2.	use http://www.fml.org/fml/search-e.html 
Check your system following doc/CHECK_LIST.en.

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